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Dissertation complete!

So thrilled to announce that I have defended my dissertation and it was accepted by my committee! I need to do some edits, but the work is done, and I am SO HAPPY.

Tools for using Critical Theory in interpretivist research

This post shares a tool I built to help interpretivist qualitative researchers think through valuable insights from Critical Theory. I built this on Kincheloe and McLaren’s 2011 chapter on 21st century Critical Theory for qualitative researchers. Link to tool provided.

Shared leadership rests on established, supporting structures?

Running down this side idea as part of my research dreading today, in conjunction with my data analysis. Specifically — and this is something I’ve “felt” about research but haven’t articulated until I saw this in another paper’s discussion — leadership doesn’t take root in a vaccum. In the case of socially constructed leadership theory,…

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Research agenda

Complexity Leadership Theory / Relational Leadership Theory / Institutional Change / Knowledge Life Cycle / Improving STEM Instruction in Higher Education