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The negative effects of poor STEM instruction on undergraduate students

What harms arise from poor STEM instruction in the undergraduate classroom? This discussion of the research published in Talking About Leaving – Revisited from 2019 highlights the negative classroom effects which drive women and students of color out of STEM classrooms int he US.

How neoliberalism affects the academy

I ended up doing a side jaunt into articles / books about the effect of neoliberalism (so hard to define) on higher education in the US and worldwide. In my context, neoliberalism refers (sometimes) to the developments in the past 50-70 years in the West which have led to an abandonment of investment in education […]

Build a better workflow for your academic writing

How I use Zotero + Scrivener to write my dissertation I’ve had a few folks ask me about my organizational process for academic writing – specifically for the complicated, recursive writing required by a major project like writing a dissertation. I think every doctoral student crosses this bridge eventually — and needs to cross it […]

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2020 goals:

  • Revise dissertation chapter 1 and rethink primary research question for project
  • Write literature review & chapter 2
    – develop theoretical foundations section
    – explore relational leadership theory, practice theory, critical realism
    – plow through piles of articles on sub-themes already identified and collected into Zotero
  • Make a few more YouTube videos on using Zotero with Scrivener and on research praxis in general
  • Write methodology chapter 3 in preparation for prospectus defense in spring 2021
  • Survive quant courses this fall

Research agenda

I am interested in how complexity leadership theory and shared/relational leadership perspective can assist higher education institutions in incorporating learner-centered teaching practices in their classrooms.