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A few good reads on critical race theory and culturally responsive pedagogy

These articles arise out of my current summer course in Cultural Diversity & Awareness, one of the best courses I’ve had in a long time. Shout out to Dr. Jack Knipe, whose excellent instructional leadership in this course has enabled us to read thoughtfully and discuss even at a distance (hello, Covid-19 and everything being […]

Book: The Quest for a General Theory of Leadership. Goethals & Sorenson, eds

Goethals, G. R., & Sorenson, G. J. (Eds.). (2006). The quest for a general theory of leadership. Edward Elgar. Summary A group of scholars from a wide variety of fields meet to attempt to define a unified theory of leadership which could serve as a foundation for studies in org theory, philosophy, anthropology, sociology, etc. […]

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2020 goals:

  • Revise dissertation chapter 1 and rethink primary research question for project
  • Write literature review & chapter 2
    – develop theoretical foundations section
    – explore relational leadership theory, practice theory, critical realism
    – plow through piles of articles on sub-themes already identified and collected into Zotero
  • Make a few more YouTube videos on using Zotero with Scrivener and on research praxis in general
  • Write methodology chapter 3 in preparation for prospectus defense in spring 2021
  • Survive quant courses this fall

Research agenda

I am interested in how complexity leadership theory and shared/relational leadership perspective can assist higher education institutions in incorporating learner-centered teaching practices in their classrooms.